Pisan Philharmonic Society


According to the Pisan historian Alfredo Giusani already in 1765 there was a musical body formed by Knights of the Order of Santo Stefano and nobles called Banda dei Cacciatori, then became in 1803 the Philharmonic body of Urbani and then the Philharmonic Society of the Alfei, located in Piazza dei Knights in a palace of the Order. In 1848 the Filarmonica degli Alfei was with the university students in Curtatone and Montanara and in 1868 merged with the musical body of the former National Guard, which gave rise to the Pisan Philharmonic.
To remember the successes of the company that operated in the band field as one of the most famous formations in Italy it is enough to mention the achievement of the first prize at the World Competition in Turin in 1898.
Risen from the ruins of the Second World War the band complex has always established itself as one of the most renowned Italian formations, in all the national and international events. The complex of Woods, Brass and Percussion benefits from the contribution of numerous professionals as well as amateur musicians trained in the Filarmonica itself.
In addition to the usual outdoor concerts, the Complex has held an ever-increasing number of events every year in prestigious locations including the Teatro Verdi, which annually hosts a concert at the end of the year, the Palazzo dei Congressi, the Cortile della Sapienza, the New Theater. The complex has participated in band gatherings as well as in national competitions, lastly that of "Il Borro" (AR) sponsored by the Ferragamo family, where in 1999 it obtained the third place